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(this post was 1st published on the Rural Presence Blog)

Reflecting on what it means to lead churches in a rural context. 

The Germinate Leadership course from Germinate: the Arthur Rank Centre is an 18-month programme that “combines leadership theory, theological reflection on the nature of leadership in ministry, the development of co-consultancy groups and practical leadership issues including conflict resolution, team building and group dynamics, and the importance of deepening emotional intelligence.” 

This latter area – a session on emotional intelligence – from consultant Jill Garrett of LT Consultingwas one of the best elements in the residential gathering I attended and provided some valuable insight into my own practice as well as helping to understand others I work with. 

Also excellent was the session on models and skills for leadership in rural churches from Amiel Osmaston, until recently Ministry Development Officer for the Diocese of Carlisle and contributor to to Reshaping rural ministry (the lecture was largely based on her chapter in this book – well worth a read). 

Course members are a mix of lay and ordained, from different denominations and levels of experience of rural church. And this is one of the course’s strengths: the opportunity to meet and share with people from across the country, so you get a wider perspective on the present realities of rural ministry. The co-consultancy groups look to be a helpful addition, as does the provision of a mentor for the duration of the course. 

If you’re interested, apply , the next round starts in September 2018.

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