1min 24sec Britich #Movietone clip – A-TISHOO – the common col

Text from youtube “I’ve had a rotten cold this week, have been sneezing away like the folks in this great newsreel story for days… What a curse, the common cold! But, with the aid of over 6,000 human guinea-pigs, the Ministry of Health’s been carrying on a relentless hunt for the cure. Volunteers live in comfortable quarters and complete isolation at a hospital near Salisbury. Doctors on the job have been trying to catch the elusive germ, for over 13 years. Now, at-last, it’s believed that Doctors Andrewes and Tyrrell have success almost in sight. 

CU man sneezing. CU same (4). LS drive of Havard Hospital. CU sign ‘Havard’ Hospital. Pan – doctor greeting three women. CU woman talking. Same. CU woman being examined. TS Woman having treatment. MS doctor examining specimen. MS doctor looking in microscope. CU same. CU microscope. CU unaffected tissue. MS doctor examining tissue. CU effected tissue. MS cameraman sneezing.”

via Blogger http://bit.ly/2nvXg03


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