6min 11sec clip – Sam’s #extraordinary story: Worth being #with


found via a tweet from @GlosDioc.

He recorded the video below a few days after the event in order to get
some of his thoughts down (and out of his head); He really just wanted to
record it to help him offload/debrief from some of the really
extraordinary things that had happened.  The full story is here

And as a PS to it Sam writes …

 PS. Trauma! Obviously the scenario was pretty
traumatic. It’s something I’m having counselling for, in order to be
free of any PTSD. That took a huge effort of will because it would be
much easier to just ‘man up’ and pretend I don’t need help myself.
Personally I think the culture of ‘manning up’ is pretty toxic, so I had
to put my money where my mouth was and seek counselling! Nightmare. Not
easy but thoroughly recommended even if your trauma has had 50 years to
fester; I reckon time is irrelevant.

via Blogger http://bit.ly/2BnL9aC


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